Preliminary Packaging Equipmen Hot Air Is Quickly Rotated By The SXG Series

Preliminary Packaging Equipmen Hot Air Is Quickly Rotated By The SXG Series

Date:Jun 05, 2019

Preliminary Packaging Equipmen's drying chamber has high circumferential gas velocity and short material residence time, which effectively prevents the material from sticking to the barriers and the deterioration of heat sensitive materials, achieving high efficiency, fast, small equipment and large production.

Preliminary Packaging Equipmen inlet pipe enters the mixing and pulverizing drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer at a suitable spray speed, which produces strong shearing, blowing and rotating effects on the material, so the material is subjected to centrifugation, shearing, collision and friction. , enhanced mass transfer heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, the larger wet pellets are mechanically broken by the agitator. The particles with lower moisture content and smaller particle size are entrained by the swirling gas stream and further dried during the ascending process. Because Preliminary Packaging Equipmen gas-solid two-phase rotation flow, the solid phase inertia is greater than the gas phase, the relative velocity between the solid-gas two phases is large, and the mass transfer heat transfer between the two phases is strengthened, so the machine has high production intensity. Synchronous motor, micro motor, stepping motor, steel dynamometer, axial force meter, strain gauge, pore water pressure gauge, earth pressure gauge, stepper motor, synchronous motor, geared motor, micro motor, stepping motor Computer wire stripping machine, wire stripping machine, terminal machine, drying rack, plasma cutting machine accessories, Buddhist opening light accessories, medical rights protection.

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