Outer Packaging Machine Features

Outer Packaging Machine Features

Date:Jun 18, 2019

Spray Outer Packaging Machine and Drum Outer Packaging Machine equipment are available on a pilot scale and can be combined with other Outer Packaging Machine equipment such as evaporators and heaters. It is also possible to combine with various computer models. Outer Packaging Machine has the following characteristics:

1. The material is turned to centrifugal, shear, collision, and friction micronization is highly dispersed. In addition, the large relative velocity of the solid-gas two phases has enhanced mass transfer heat transfer, and the Outer Packaging Machine has a very high productivity.

2.Outer Packaging Machine air enters the bottom of the Outer Packaging Machine and produces a strong swirling flow that allows the material to be washed out on the wall and eliminates stickiness.

3. In the high temperature zone at the bottom of the Outer Packaging Machine, the heat sensitive material is not directly related to the hot surface, and the Outer Packaging Machine is also equipped with special equipment to solve the problem of changing the heat sensitive material in cooking and color.

4. Due to the high gas velocity in the Outer Packaging Machine chamber, the material retention time is short, and it can also be high speed, fast, small equipment and large production.

5. There is an Outer Packaging Machine room to control the particle size and humidity of the outlet material to achieve the top elution ring and swirl plate for the final water particle size requirements of the different materials.

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