Outer Packaging Machine Advantages

Outer Packaging Machine Advantages

Date:Jun 20, 2019

Outer Packaging Machine A method of drying a chilled material below freezing point, converting the water to ice, and then removing the ice directly into a vapor under a higher vacuum. Outer Packaging Machine materials can be frozen in a freezer and dried. However, it can also be directly frozen in a drying chamber by vacuuming it. The water vapor generated by the sublimation of the Outer Packaging Machine is removed by a condenser. The heat of vaporization required for the sublimation of the Outer Packaging Machine is generally supplied by thermal radiation. The main advantages of Outer Packaging Machine are:

(1) Outer Packaging Machine's dried materials retain their original chemical composition and physical properties (such as porous structure, colloidal properties, etc.);

(2) Heat consumption is less than that of Outer Packaging Machine. Outer Packaging Machine is mainly used to dry antibiotics, vegetables and fruits.

Outer Packaging Machine contains a biological sample that is frozen and fixed. Under the condition of low temperature and high vacuum, the moisture in the sample is directly sublimated from ice to dryness. It is not affected by surface tension during the drying process, and the sample is not deformed.

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