Introduction Of Solid Preparation Equipment Products

Introduction Of Solid Preparation Equipment Products

Date:Jun 02, 2019

Solid Preparation Equipment has self-cleaning ability to improve blade heat transfer. The dispersion force generated by the combined movement of the inclined surface of the Solid Preparation Equipment and the particle or powder layer automatically removes the sludge attached to the heating ramp, and the blade maintains an efficient heat transfer function. In addition, due to the reverse rotation of the two-axis blades, the alternating section compression (when the two-axis blade faces are close together) and the expansion (when the two-axis blade faces are far apart) the stirring function, the heat transfer is uniform, and the heat is increased. Heat transfer effect.

Hollow Solid Preparation Equipment This product can indirectly heat or cool paste, granule, powder and slurry materials, and can complete unit operations such as drying, cooling, heating, sterilization, reaction and low temperature combustion. The special wedge-type stirring heat transfer paddle in Solid Preparation Equipment has high heat transfer efficiency and self-cleaning function of heat transfer surface.

Solid Preparation Equipment is a dry solid preparation equipment in the drying of granular materials, which is a synthetic resin, sludge, food, which has been used in a wide range of fields without being bound to it, such as chemical drying.

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