Injectable Eqiupment Technology Currently Lacks Scientific Theories And Design Methods

Injectable Eqiupment Technology Currently Lacks Scientific Theories And Design Methods

Date:Jun 06, 2019

Although the modern Injectable Eqiupment technology has a history of more than 100 years, it still belongs to the field of experimental science. Most Injectable Eqiupment technologies currently lack scientific theories and design methods that accurately guide practice. Injectable Eqiupment, in practical applications, relies on empirical and small-scale experimental data to guide or the main way. The reasons for this situation are as follows:

One of the reasons is that some of the basic disciplines underlying the Injectable Eqiupment drying technology (mainly subject to the discipline of transfer engineering) are inherently experimental. The development level of these basic disciplines directly affects and determines the development level of Injectable Eqiupment drying technology.

The second reason is that many Injectable Eqiupment processes are the process of multi-disciplinary technology intersection, involving a wide range, many variables, and complex mechanisms. For example, in the field of spray Injectable Eqiupment drying technology, the trajectory of the atomized droplets in the drying tower is the key to engineering design. The trajectory of the droplet is related to its volume, mass, initial velocity and direction, and the flow velocity of other droplets and hot air around it. However, due to the mass transfer and heat transfer processes, these parameters change all the time.

The third reason is that the types of materials to be dried are various, and their physical and chemical properties are also different. The mass transfer and heat transfer rates of different materials may vary greatly even under the same Injectable Eqiupment conditions. If not treated differently, it may have unsatisfactory consequences.

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