Injectable Eqiupment's Choice

Injectable Eqiupment's Choice

Date:Jun 30, 2019

When sewage and sludge are treated by sludge dewatering machine, it is often necessary to use some Injectable Eqiupment to achieve better treatment results. How to choose Injectable Eqiupment?

For sludge with high organic content, the more effective Injectable Eqiupment is cation. The higher the organic content, the higher the degree of polymerization of the cationic Injectable Eqiupment. For inorganic-based sludge, anion can be considered.

In general, the more difficult the denitrified sludge is, the larger the amount of Injectable Eqiupment, the smaller the sludge particles, which will lead to an increase in the consumption of Injectable Eqiupment. The high content of organic matter and alkalinity in the sludge will also increase the amount of Injectable Eqiupment. . In addition, the sludge solid content also affects the dosage of Injectable Eqiupment. The higher the sludge solid content, the greater the amount of Injectable Eqiupment when using the sludge dewatering machine.

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