How To Choose Hydrogen Peroxide Filling Machine

How To Choose Hydrogen Peroxide Filling Machine

Date:Dec 13, 2020

Hydrogen peroxide is something that people can often encounter. Hydrogen peroxide can be disinfected or bleached. Hydrogen peroxide is also called hydrogen peroxide, which has strong oxidizing properties. How should we choose the corresponding filling machine when filling hydrogen peroxide?

    Because hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing property, multi-metal has corrosive effect. Therefore, when selecting a hydrogen peroxide filling machine, it is necessary to select a filling machine with anti-corrosion effect, so as to avoid the long-term filling process. Oxygen water droplets leak and leak due to corrosion of hydrogen peroxide.

    In addition, although the medical grade 3% hydrogen peroxide has a disinfecting effect, the hydrogen peroxide itself cannot directly contact the body, and may also cause corrosion of the body. Therefore, when filling hydrogen peroxide, it is best to use a filling machine with a sealing effect to prevent the filling personnel from directly contacting the hydrogen peroxide to ensure safe filling.

    Third, although hydrogen peroxide can be turned into water and oxygen after decomposition, when hydrogen peroxide enters the water body, it is toxic to aquatic organisms. Therefore, when filling hydrogen peroxide, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of a filling machine with a waste recovery device. Avoid hydrogen peroxide waste contaminating water bodies and endangering aquatic organisms.

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