How To Adjust The Specific Method Of The Injectable Eqiupment

How To Adjust The Specific Method Of The Injectable Eqiupment

Date:Jun 26, 2019

Injectable Eqiupment, also known as rotary kiln dryer, is a common equipment for drying materials. Because of its reliable operation, flexible operation, strong adaptability and high processing capacity, this equipment is widely used in chemical, metallurgical building materials, light industry and other departments.

Injectable Eqiupment is mainly composed of a cylinder, a supporting device, a moving device and a terminal sealing device. Injectable Eqiupment's transmissions include: motor, reducer, gear, ring gear and other parts of the feeding and discharging device and sealing device.According to the working principle and structural characteristics of Injectable Eqiupment and the experience of maintaining Injectable Eqiupment in production, the key to ensuring long-term safe operation of Injectable Eqiupment mechanical equipment is to adjust the supporting wheel.

Maintaining the linearity of the Injectable Eqiupment axis; enabling the cylinder to reciprocate normally along the axial direction, so that the retaining wheel remains stationary or does not move for a short period of time, so that each of the retaining wheels and the supporting wheel bears the cylinder evenly Body load.

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