How Is Injectable Eqiupment Heat Sealed?

How Is Injectable Eqiupment Heat Sealed?

Date:Jul 04, 2019

Injectable Eqiupment is widely used in daily chemical product packaging, food and drug packaging and other fields. Since the heat seal of the bag is most prone to leakage when the Injectable Eqiupment is filled, and most of the damage of the bag in the actual use also occurs in the heat seal portion, selecting a suitable heat seal material and heat sealing parameters can lower the production line. The scrap rate can effectively improve the overall barrier properties of the package.

Hot-press sealing is to heat the material of the sealing part in a certain way, so that the Injectable Eqiupment can be pressure-sealed after it reaches the viscous flow state, and is generally completed by a hot-press sealing device or a hot-pressed Injectable Eqiupment. The heat sealing head is an actuator for hot-press sealing. According to the structure and heating method of the heat sealing head, the method of hot-press sealing can be divided into: ordinary hot-pressing sealing, fusing sealing, pulse sealing, Ultrasonic sealing, high frequency heat sealing, and induction heat sealing. Injectable Eqiupment film characteristics are different, the applicable heat sealing method is also different, for example, ultrasonic sealing and high frequency heat sealing are more suitable for heat-deformable film, however, the most commonly used heat sealing method is ordinary heat sealing method. Injectable Eqiupment common heat sealing method has several types of flat heat sealing, disk heat sealing, belt heat sealing and sliding clamp sealing. The application of flat heat sealing is the most popular.

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