Development Status And Technical Advantages Of Domestic Filling Machines

Development Status And Technical Advantages Of Domestic Filling Machines

Date:Oct 28, 2020

 In the 1980s, due to the rapid development of the national economy, foreign trade expanded rapidly, the people's living standards improved significantly, and the filling requirements for products became higher and higher. It was urgent to require the filling machine to achieve mechanization and automation, thus greatly promoting the filling machinery. With the development of industry, the position of the filling machine industry in the national economy is becoming more and more important. In order to promote the faster development of the filling machinery industry, China has established a number of filling machine management institutions and industry organizations.

Development status of the filling machine:

      Since the 1990s, the filling machinery industry has grown at an average rate of 20% to 30% per year, and the development rate is higher than the average growth rate of the entire filling industry by 15% to 17%, which is 4.7 higher than the average growth rate of the traditional machinery industry. percentage point. The filling machine industry has become an indispensable and important emerging industry in China's national economy. At present, there are more than 1,500 enterprises engaged in the production of filling machinery, of which nearly 400 have a certain scale. There are 40 types of products and more than 2,700 kinds, among which there are a number of quality products that can meet the needs of the domestic market and participate in the international market competition. At present, China's filling machinery industry has a number of backbone enterprises with strong development capabilities. They are mainly composed of the following aspects: some technologically strong machinery factories that produce plastic machinery after technological transformation;

Technical advantages of the filling machine:

In order to improve the technical level of the filling machinery industry, the Institute of Information on the Institute of Filling Machinery was established in the country. Some colleges and universities have successively established the specialty of filling engineering, which is the development of China's filling machine industry and catching up with the world advanced level. Provides a strong technical guarantee.

Although the domestic filling industry has developed rapidly and achieved great results, compared with the developed regions, there are great differences in the variety, technical level and product quality of the filling machine. Developed regions have applied high-tech microcomputer control, artificial intelligence, image sensing, industrial robots and other high-tech to filling machinery, and these high-tech technologies have just begun to be adopted in China's filling machinery industry; About 30% to 40%; there is a certain gap between the performance and appearance quality of filling machinery products. Therefore, we must take strong measures to further accelerate the development of the domestic filling machinery industry and strive to catch up with the world's advanced level.

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