China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo

China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo

Date:Nov 27, 2020

In 2020, on November 3, the 59th China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo opened successfully in Chongqing. Hundreds of key decision makers and purchasers of pharmaceutical companies gathered to look for opportunities to purchase pharmaceutical raw materials, pharmaceutical packaging and equipment in large quantities, as well as international partners who can establish long-term and stable cooperative relations.


The National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo and the concurrent China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo were held in the 1990s and held in spring and autumn each year. Since 2004, they have been continuously listed as key supported exhibitions by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. One, it was approved by the Ministry of Commerce as the International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo in 2008. The exhibits cover various production, processing, testing equipment and related auxiliary equipment required by western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, biopharmaceuticals, animal medicines, pesticides, some health products and daily chemicals, and food manufacturers. It is an industry-recognized exchange platform for the pharmaceutical equipment industry that is professional, international, large-scale, full of exhibits, large audiences, and integrated with trade and research.


  SED machinery has been carefully prepared, with superb technical standards, high-performance machinery and equipment have once again become a highlight in the industry. The ingenious design has attracted many Chinese and foreign businessmen to stop and watch, consult and negotiate.

The products exhibited this time are all the series of products that the company launched in the first half of the year, which not only enriches the existing industrial chain, but also greatly enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of the products. The products are novel, unique in workmanship, and exquisite craftsmanship, and have won new and old customers Unanimously agreed and praised.

Many buyers have brought technical problems encountered in the use of machinery. After the technical guidance and professional technical explanations of SED high-quality engineers, many customers are greatly satisfied and reached the purchase intention on the spot.


   This is a feast of the industry, but also a journey of harvest. In this exhibition, SED Machinery has achieved good results and also brought back many valuable opinions from end users and dealer friends.

    In this expo, all employees of the company actively contributed ideas and suggestions for the preparation of the exhibition, and all departments actively cooperated and contributed, demonstrating the good teamwork spirit of SED employees. We are convinced that under the wise leadership of the company's leaders and the unremitting efforts of the SED team, SED will definitely reach new heights! Continue to be brilliant!


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