An Overview Of Modern Pharmaceutical Machinery

An Overview Of Modern Pharmaceutical Machinery

Date:Sep 08, 2020

The global pharmaceutical industry is growing at a healthy rate because of some important aspects like technological advancement, improving economic condition and willingness to spend on healthcare. To meet the constantly increasing demand for pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical companies have to procure modern pharmaceutical machinery. Today there is a wide range of pharmaceutical machinery available for production, processing and packaging of the pharmaceutical products.

In terms of quality, the pharmaceutical industry has the most precise requirements, hence it is very important that the pharmaceutical machinery complies with good manufacturing practice. As a result of the technological evolution, pharmaceutical machinery manufacturers have been able to develop many high tech pharmaceutical machinery that is very useful for pharmaceutical companies. In this article, we will review some of the modern pharmaceutical machinery like Fluid Bed Dryer, ETO Sterilizer, Vibro Sifter and Rapid Mixer Granulator.

Fluid Bed Dryer (Fluidized Bed Dryer)
Fluid Bed Dryer, also known as Fluidized Bed Dryer, is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce humidity and moisture in raw ingredients. In fluid bed drying process, the surface of every particle is exposed for drying by hot airflow that results in better heat transfer and short drying time. Moreover, the fluid bed dryer helps in achieving uniform particle mixing and temperature gradients. Fluid bed dryers are used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, food, agriculture and chemical.

Tablet Press Machine
Tablet press machine is used for making tablets by compressing powder and granules in moulds. By type, tablet press machine is classified into the single station tablet press and multi station tablet press. The single station tablet press is ideal for small production requirement. On the other hand, the multi station tablet press, also known as rotary tablet press, is used for high production requirements. Tablet press machine not only helps in delivering higher production but also offers great consistency in tablet manufacturing.

Vibro Sifter
Vibro Sifter is used for separating materials based on their particle size. It is a necessary machine for the material gradation in industrial processes and laboratories. Today, a wide range of Vibro Sifter is available in different designs, configuration and features. In addition, Vibro Sifter is used in various industries like Pharmaceutical, Food & Spices, Chemical, Minerals, Pigment Colors, Fertilizer, Ceramics, Agro-Chemical, Plastic, Paper, Sugar, etc.

Rapid Mixer Granulator
Rapid Mixer Granulator is a widely used machine for pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is used for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients and wet granulation. Rapid Mixer Granulator is also known as High shear granulator or High shear mixer. It offers unique advantages like low operational cost and easy cleaning as compared to other mixers. Today a wide range of Rapid Mixer Granulator is available, but it is important to consider the factors like design, technical specifications and features before making the final decision.

Double Cone Blender Mixer (Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer)
Double Cone Blender Mixer is an important pharmaceutical machinery used for producing a homogenous solid mixture. Apart from the pharmaceutical industry, Double Cone Blender Mixer is widely used in industries like food, chemicals, cosmetics, detergents, plastic and fertilizers. It is also known as Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer. This high tech machine is mostly made of stainless steel and it is easy to clean. Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer offers high uniformity for blending of different types of materials. Moreover, the cone shape on both the sides helps in easy mixing.

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