Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

SED-200YT model vertical type round bottle Round Bottle Labeling machine, in order to achieve rationalization of production target and design.

Working principle:

Put the bottles into the conveyor belt system (or optional automatic bottling machine), and the conveyor belt will transport the bottles to the labeling station. The machine is equipped with an automatic sensor, which will sense the passing bottle and feed it back to the PLC. The PLC obtains the signal, and then feeds it back to the stepping motor, and the stepping motor provides the label to the rotating press roller for the labeling process.

Main Technical Data:

Driver Motor:

Stepping motor


Right or left

Running speed:

10-200 bottles/min

Packaging Range:

Ф 15 - Ф diameter 100mm

Height 25-350mm

Label size width 10-150mm length 15-200mm

Maximum diameter of label:

Ф 300mm

Coil diameter:

Ф 75mm label



Power supply:

AC220V 0.5Kw 60HZ

Overall Size:


*Ribbon Coding machine:

HP 260Q


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