Plastic Bag Plane Labelling Machine

Plastic Bag Plane Labelling Machine

description This machine is suitable for pharmacy, food, beverage, daily chemical industry etc. Single side, double, and lateral labeling of all kinds of quadrate flat bottles. Machine adopts PLC process control, photo-electricity bottle checking and label delivery. Its production efficiency is...


This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, beverage, daily chemical and other industries. Single, double and side labeling of various square flat bottles. This machine adopts PLC process control, photoelectric detection bottle, standard configuration. High production efficiency, posted on the playback system: Driven by a 3-5 pole motor, electronic speed regulation, automatic transmission, power combined with high-precision density steel star gear, equipped with automatic mechanical safety devices.


Labeling speed0-120 bottles/min(depending on label size)
Labeling precision≤ ± 1 mm
Label width40-110mm
Label length50-500mm
Bottle high50-350mm
Bottle diameter20-180mm Machining
Power220V 50Hz(60Hz)1.75kw (according to the customer)
Apply the bottleGlass, plastic, such as any round bottles.


1. All mechanical operation design, all transmission mechanisms are in a closed oil tank to ensure stability and quietness. low noise.

2. The low-load top surface of the conveyor belt and the turntable are made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean

3. It can be operated alone or connected to the bell

4. Thin layer placement. Compact casters, easy to move

5. Suitable for small round bottle labels in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other industries. Can add printing units to the product according to user needs