Non-drying Glue Folding Angle Labelling Machine

Non-drying Glue Folding Angle Labelling Machine

description Applicable to various articles in the plane label or sticker film, such as books, folders, boxes, cartons, etc., to replace the standard cover mechanism can be applied to uneven surfaces labeling, labeling bulky products are widely used in the plane large size range of plane-like...


It is suitable for the label or self-adhesive film of various items on the aircraft, such as books, folders, boxes, cartons, etc., to replace the standard cover mechanism. It can be used for labeling on uneven surfaces and widely used for large-volume products. Mark the range of large plane objects on the plane. An automatic printer can be selected on the conveyor belt to print the production date, batch number, bar code and other information on the product before or after labeling or labeling.


◆Wide application range, which can meet the product label and self-adhesive film plane with a product width of 30mm~350mm, and replace the covering standard mechanism to meet the uneven surface label;

◆High-precision labeling, subdivided stepper motor or servo motor drives the feeding standard, and the feeding standard has high accuracy; it has a standard bypass correction mechanism to ensure that the process has nothing to do with the pull tab offset. The traction mechanism adopts eccentric technology to prevent slippage of the traction label to ensure the accuracy of the label;

◆Sturdy and durable, adopting three kinds of adjustment mechanisms, making full use of the stability of the triangle, the overall sturdy and durable

◆High stability, Delta touch screen + PLC + Germany Needle Needle needle eye electric eye tag is composed of advanced electronic control system, supporting equipment running 7×24 hours;

◆Simple adjustment, adjustable design 6-DOF seat adjustment, the conversion between different products becomes simple and time-saving;

◆Flexible, can be produced independently or connected to the production line, and the layout of the production site is simple;

◆Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, no objects, no labels, no standard automatic calibration and automatic detection of labels, stickers and labels to prevent waste;

◆Touch screen operation interface, Chinese and English notes and complete fault prompts, various parameter adjustments are simple and quick, and the operation is simple;

◆Powerful function, with production counting function, power saving function, production digital setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient for production management.


Applicable Product size

Diameter φ40-φ100mm; high 40-300mm

Applicable Label size

(L) 20-280mm (H) 30-140mm

Applicable label roll inner diameter


Applicable label roll outer diameter

Max Φ300mm

Labeling accuracy (mm)


Labeling speed

50-200pcs / min

Weight (kg)


Conveyor belt


Voltage (V)

AC220V 50Hz/60Hz,500W

Device Dimensions (mm)

(L × W × H): 1700 ×650 × 135

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