High Speed Folding Angle Labelling Machine

High Speed Folding Angle Labelling Machine

High Speed Folding Angle Labelling Machine description 1.Applicable labels: self adhesive labels, adhesive film, electronic monitoring code, bar code, etc. 2.Applicable products: products that require a label or film on the flat or circumferential surface. 3.Application industry: widely used in food, stationery, printing, medicine,...

High Speed Folding Angle Labelling Machine


1. Applicable labels: self-adhesive labels, adhesive films, electronic monitoring codes, barcodes, etc.

2. Applicable products: products requiring labels or films on flat or circumferential surfaces.

3. Application industry: widely used in food, stationery, printing, medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical, electronics, metal, plastic and other industries, such as books, folders, packaging boxes, steel plates, etc.


1. Wide application range. The box-type labeling machine can meet the requirements of products with a width of 30mm~350mm, such as flat labeling, self-adhesive labeling, etc. It can make the surface labeling uneven by replacing the label cover.

2. High precision: subdivided stepper motor or servo motor to drive high-precision label delivery; labeling belt bypass correction device to ensure accurate labeling process without offset; traction device adopts eccentric wheel technology to achieve non-slip Labeling to ensure the accuracy of the self-adhesive labeling machine.

3. The durable structure and three-bar adjustment mechanism make full use of the stability of the triangle to ensure that the machine is durable.

4. Import PLC system + Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped photoelectric tracker + German leuze brand label control electric sensor, support 24 hours a day.

5. Easy to adjust. The adjusting seat is adjustable to facilitate the replacement of different products.

6. Flexible and applicable. It is suitable for stand-alone production or assembly line production, and the layout of the production site is simple.

7. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, no objects, no labels, no labels can be automatically calibrated and automatic label detection functions to prevent leakage and label waste.

8. Touch screen interface. The complete English comment and fault prompt function can easily and quickly normalize various parameters.

9. Multifunctional. With production counting function and power saving function. Production capacity indication function, parameter setting protection, convenient management.

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Stepper 580W/Servo 950W

Product Size


Label Size


Label Inner Diameter

Φ76 mm

Label Outer Diameter

Max. Φ350 mm

Labeling Precision


Labeling Speed

60~180 Pcs/Min

Overall Size

(L)1625×(W)650×(H)1500 mm

Weight For box labeling machine


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