Tubes Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

Tubes Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description 1. this model applies to AMPS bottles, oral liquid, vials, pen tubes, Li can be white, small battery, solid plastic, injection products such as round 2, circle or semi-week labeling labeling is more suitable for small diameter and can not stand round product labeling Characteristics...


1. This model is suitable for AMPS bottles, oral liquids, vials, pen tubes, Li Kebai, small batteries, solid plastics, injection products such as round 2, round or semi-circular label labeling is more suitable for small calibers and cans cannot stand Round product label


1. Equipped with rolling horizontal roller conveyor, automatic bottle correction, stable transportation and labeling. The labeling speed is as high as 300 bottles per minute, saving a lot of manpower and resources. 2. The bottle breaking rate is low, and the guide wheel technology and flexible bottle labeling technology are applied, and the bottle labeling is stable. 3. The label quality is excellent, bypassing the standard correction technology, the label is connected end to end with a high coincidence rate; the roll-up label, the label is smooth, without wrinkles, and without bubbles, which improves the quality. four. High stability, the microcomputer is controlled by the Taiwan Weilun touch screen, and the imported test label sensor forms an advanced electrical control system. 5. Intelligent control and automatic optical tracking, no label, no label. 6. The equipment is mainly made of stainless steel and high alloy, conforms to GMP manufacturing specifications, has a firm structure and beautiful appearance. 7. This machine is suitable for assembly lines and production lines, and can also be run as a stand-alone machine, and special products can be designed according to customer needs.


Labelling speed

Max 150pcs/min


About 500W

Labelling Precision


Roll inner diameter


Max roll outer diameter


Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Sticker size

L:20-300mm, W:10-90mm




About 150KG

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