Single Side Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description The labeling machine is fully automatic, equipped with PLC control system and touch screen control.The machine stops automatically when there are no labels and no products.If the customer needs to print the batch number, date number or other number on the label, the coding equipment...


The machine is a fully automatic labeling machine, equipped with PLC control system and touch screen control. When there is no label or product, the machine will automatically stop. If the customer needs to print the batch number, date or other numbers on the label, coding equipment can be provided . Photoelectric detection makes the label high speed and high precision. Good labeling effect, no wrinkles, no bubbles. Use high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy. With high structural strength, it can be used on bottle labels of any shape: single-sided and double-sided labels. It is widely used in medicine, daily chemical, cosmetics, food and beverage industries.


01.This mechanism breaks through the traditional tag traction mode through the innovation of four key technologies.The elastic double pressure roll is used to pull the label together with the gold and steel roller, so that the label does not slip during the traction process, and the label is constantly marked, and the delivery of the label is strong and stable.The tag passes through the detector under the constant tension, which makes the elevation stable and high precision.

02.The mechanism is to quickly adjust the marking technology, fully study the operation convenience of the operator, and make use of the mechanism to reduce the operators mastery of the operation skills;Easy to change and adjust, reliable and accurate.

03.Innovative design can adjust label stripping device label stripping/label sending position can be quickly adjusted through this mechanism, can quickly adjust the distance between the stripping board and the product, change labels more convenient.Release the handle to adjust freely.

04.Big crafter simple in the form, label to label transition using streamline and inner package large obtuse Angle transition, make the label run smoothly, send label resistance is small: put an end to the problem of missing label in the process of sending labels;With the double clamping rod structure, the interruption of quick labeling process is greatly reduced.

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