Rotary Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

Rotary Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description The automatic labeling machine for round bottles uses non-drying film drum labeling paper,cylinder clamping method is adopted for labeling,automatic bottle-dividing,bottling and labeling at one time,this machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and tracked synchronously,label feeding...


The round bottle automatic labeling machine adopts non-dry film barrel type label paper, and uses the cylinder clamping method for labeling, automatic bottle separation, bottling, and labeling. The machine is controlled by Mitsubishi PLC and synchronized tracking. The automatic label delivery The labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness, hygiene, no mildew, firmness after labeling, no self-shedding, and high production efficiency.


1. Feeding, collecting and sorting of products to reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. 2. The structure is relatively simple, stable and reliable. 3. Working process: The rotating table of the bottle descrambler drives the product to rotate automatically. When the dial of the bottle changes, the product is close to the edge of the turntable, and the product interpreter is output in an orderly manner along the groove of the bottle.


Voltage (V/Hz)

AC220/50or customized

Whole machine power (W)


Available bottle ranage (mm)


Available label range(mm)

Height 15-130mm

Output (pcs/min)


Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm)




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