Plastic Bottles Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

Plastic Bottles Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description Vertical round bottle non-dry tape marking machine, in order to achieve rationalization of production target and design. Labeling process automation, simple operation, the production speed is quick, labeling position, beautiful, neat, For pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades...


Vertical round bottle adhesive tape marking machine to achieve reasonable production goals and design schemes. The labeling process is automated, simple to operate, fast in production, good in labeling position, beautiful and clean, suitable for labeling round containers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.


Put different packages into the belt conveyor of the labeling machine, send the bottle to the bottle conveying mechanism, and transmit the photoelectric signal to the PLC through the continuous movement of the fiber detected by the bottle. The signal processing output by the PLC will output Give a stepper motor, a standard stepper motor, stick it to the son through a rolling mechanism, and transfer the labeled objects to the next conveyor belt program or container through the labeling machine. The host adopts stepper motor driver, (Taiwan) PLC control system set, (Taiwan) touch man-machine interface set (Taiwan) touch man-machine interface set, keyence fibre (Japan) equipment and other imported components. It gathers many leading technologies and makes it a product with technological advantages in the industry. Microcomputer automatic control, friendly man-machine interface, ingenious mechanical structure, simple operation, powerful function, can realize label numbering, counting, setting printing control, labeling, missing control, marking, colorless and other abnormal conditions automatic detection and alarm function , Random capacity and quantity management labels, before adjusting the sealing label, length and label, the height of the host and adjusting the position, a ribbon typewriter can be selected, with labels and labels for detecting the degree of response. The machine is made of high-quality T6 aluminum and SUS304 stainless steel, which meets GMP requirements. Related parameters


Driver stepping motor

servo motor

Poster speed

0-200 PCS/min

A bottle diameter

20 -100mm

A bottle Height


Label size

wide 10-150mm long 15-200mm

Labeling precision

+ 1mm (depending on the bottle degree, perpendicular round)

Maximum diameter volume


Coil diameter

75mm label



Power supply

AC110V / 220V / 500W 60HZ

Printing device

HP 260Q -(optional

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