Oval Bottle Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

Oval Bottle Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description Automatic double side labeling machine belongs to the lateral labeling machine, suitable for flat bottle, square bottle of single side double side labeling,such as flat shampoo bottles,lubricating oil flat bottle, liquid soap ect. Characteristics * Core Working principle:The sensor...


Automatic double-sided labeling machine is a horizontal labeling machine, suitable for flat bottles, single-sided double-sided labeling of square bottles, such as flat shampoo bottles, lubricant flat bottles, liquid soaps, etc.


*Core working principle: After the sensor detects the bottle, the flat or round bottle will return the signal to the labeling control system. The control system is in place to control the motor to send the label and attach the flat or round bottle to the inspected position of the labeling product. After the flat bottle or round bottle label product passes the overwriting unit, the label affixed to the product will be covered on the label to complete the action. *Step: Put the product (accessible line) in it-product delivery-product within minutes-product guide-label (automatic equipment)-Cover Standard-collect label products


Suitable label length (mm):


Applicable Label width


Applicable Product size(for flat bottle):


Width (transport width direction):

30mm ~ 90mm, Height: 60mm ~ 280mm

Applicable Products diameter (for round bottle):


Applicable standard roll diameter (mm):


Applicable standard roll diameter (mm):


Labeling accuracy(mm):


The standard speed (m / min):


Labeling speed (pcs / min):

30~ 70pcs/min

Conveyor speed (pcs / min):


Weight (kg):

about 330kg

Frequency (HZ):


Voltage (V):


Power (W):

1220W(traction stepper)

Device dimensions (mm) (L × W × H):

2400mm × 1450mm × 1600mm

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