Metal Can Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

Metal Can Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description Newest high technology table type automatic labeling machine for round bottle, it save space and high efficiency. With PLC touch screen operation, fast labeling speed to save workers and time. Can work with other machines to make production line. Characteristics 1.Automatic fault...


The latest high-tech automatic desktop labeling machine for round bottles saves space and improves efficiency. Using PLC touch screen operation, fast labeling speed, saving workers and time.

The production line can be made with other machines.


1. Automatic failure shutdown function, production technology, power saving, number setting, prompt parameter setting, convenient production management.

2. Human-computer interaction interface with operation teaching function, parameter modification is intuitive and intuitive, and various functions are easy to switch.

3. With good operating performance and excellent labeling effect, customers can use it with confidence.

4. Intelligent control of label and bottle detection to avoid label waste.


Labeling precision



20-200 piece/minutes

The size of work-piece 

30-120 mm in diameter

Tag width

15-200 mm

Tag length

25-300 mm

Power supply 

220 V 50 HZ

The motor power


machine size

140 x 650 x 600 mm



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