Crayon Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

Crayon Cylindrical Surface Labelling Machine

description This single side labeller is developed based on our rich experience continuous improvements, its simple mechanism specially-designed structure makes sure the accurate labelling. Labels will be flattened by scraper blade, pressed tightly by unpowered sponge roller and extruded by...


Crayon cylindrical surface labeling machine is developed based on our rich experience and continuous improvement. Its simple mechanism and specially designed structure ensure accurate labeling. 

Use a scraper to flatten the label, press it tightly with an unpowered sponge roller, then squeeze it out with a powered sponge roller, etc., and then stick the label without air bubbles. 

It is widely used in various sides, curved flat bottles, round bottles and side boxes, such as cosmetic flat bottles, single-sided labels for packaging boxes. It can be used alone or linked to the production line. A high degree of automation ensures efficient and high-quality packaging.


Labelling speed

10-100pieces/min(depends on bottles/label size)

Labelling error

±1mm(no error for bottles/labels)

Suitable roll inside diameters


Suitable roll outer diameters


Labelled container size

T:≤80mm H:≤300mm

Voltage  power

220V 50HZ 1kw



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