Low Noise Level Automatic Cotton Stopper Machine

It is suitable for round, oblate, square and square plastic bottles of various specifications and materials It has many detection and alarm control functions, such as no bottle does not work, fault self inspection, cotton sliver replacement warning and so on Pneumatic cotton plug is used to avoid material pollution

Suitable for round, oblate, square and square plastic bottles of various specifications and materials

It has multiple detection and alarm control functions such as no bottle not working, fault self-checking, sliver replacement warning, etc., and pneumatic tampons are used to avoid material contamination.

Applicable bottle typeRound, square, flat square and shaped plastic bottles with bottle mouth no less than 17mm


30-50 bottles / min


AC220V 50HZ 0.7KW

Air source


Gas consumption






main features
(1) Strong compatibility, suitable for round, flat, square and flat square bottles of various specifications and materials.
(2) The full-automatic cotton stopper is suitable for cotton sliver of various grades. The length of sliver is pulled out by the pressing wheel controlled by the motor, and then the cotton is pushed into the main bottle in the form of ∪
(3) The operation of the whole system can only be jointly controlled with the upper and lower processes, with good coordination, no need for special personnel to operate and save labor
(4) Photoelectric sensor element is produced in Taiwan, stable and durable.


Q1:Are You A Factory or A Trading Company?
A: We Provided Perfect OEM and After-sale Service.

Q2:Where is Your Factory? How Can I Visit Your Factory?
A:Our Factory is Located on HangZhou Zhejiang Province. We Are Warmly Welcom You Visit Our Factory if You Have a Travel Plan.

Q3:Can You Send Me the Video To Show The Machine Works?
A:Certainly, We Have Made Video of Every Machine.

Q4:How Can I Know Your Machine Is Designed For My Product?
A:You Can Send Us Samples of Your Product and We Test It On Machine.

Q5:How Can I Pay My Order?
A:Usually We Accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Cash Paying Methods.

Q6:Do you Have a Ce Certificate?
A:For Every Model of Machine, It Has a CE Certificated.

Q7:What about install?
A. Our engineers will be sent according to your project.However,the customer will pay the economic air tickets round trip and arrange the accommodation for them.

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