Automatic Bottle Washer Desiccant Filling Machine

Artificial pull product loading to the edge of cotton roll. Machine can run automatically, Automatically into, snap, stuffing material pipe, go to the bottle mouth, into the bottle.Device automatically put the bottle in the right position, when positioning the time meet the parameters setted on the PLC, automatic bottle change by pneumatic system. Can realize full automatic operation and containing several times.

Automatic bottle washing machine desiccant filling machine is to manually pull the product to the edge of the cotton roll. The machine can run automatically, automatically enter, snap in, fill the material tube, turn to the bottle mouth and enter the bottle. 

The device will automatically place the bottle in the correct position, and when the positioning time matches the parameter set on the PLC, it will automatically replace the bottle. Pneumatic system. A variety of automatic operations can be realized.

NameDesiccant insert machine
Applicable bottle shapeBottle inner diameter is Φ25~φ70mm
Production capacity50 bottles per minute
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz 0.7kw
Applicable bottle typeround, oval, square, flat square bottles
Overall dimension1600×750×1400mm

Main features:

(1)Strong compatibility   It’s height adjustable, suitable for all kinds of specifications, all kinds of round, flat, square, flat square bottles;

(2) Detection   Don't work with no bottle, breakdown self check, fitted cotton in early and some other warning detection alarm control function;

(3) Special Stuffing cotton technology adopts pneumatic plug cotton, to avoid contamination of the machine for material;

(4) clean the suction aspiration, ensure the working environment clean;

(5) Adopts programmable controller PLC control, Chinese interface, touch screen, easy to learn, easy to operate;

(6) The machine adopts conform to GMP requirements of stainless steel and other materials.


Q1:Are You A Factory or A Trading Company?
A: We Provided Perfect OEM and After-sale Service.

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A:Our Factory is Located on HangZhou Zhejiang Province. We Are Warmly Welcom You Visit Our Factory if You Have a Travel Plan.

Q3:Can You Send Me the Video To Show The Machine Works?
A:Certainly, We Have Made Video of Every Machine.

Q4:How Can I Know Your Machine Is Designed For My Product?
A:You Can Send Us Samples of Your Product and We Test It On Machine.

Q5:How Can I Pay My Order?
A:Usually We Accept L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Cash Paying Methods.

Q6:Do you Have a Ce Certificate?
A:For Every Model of Machine, It Has a CE Certificated.

Q7:What about install?
A. Our engineers will be sent according to your project.However,the customer will pay the economic air tickets round trip and arrange the accommodation for them.

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