Fully Automatic Desiccant Insert Machine

Fully Automatic Desiccant Insert Machine

description The block bottle air cylinder on the passing bottle-track of the conveying bottle system make the bottles which came from the previous equipment stay in the drying agent filling position,waiting to be filled in the drying agent.The bottle mouth faces to the clipping system...


The bottle tube on the bottle track of the automatic desiccant insertion machine conveying bottle system keeps the bottles in the previous equipment at the desiccant filling position, waiting for the desiccant to be filled. 

The bottle mouth faces the clamping system. Use a stepping motor to correctly drive the bag conveying system to pull the desiccant bag from the desiccant plate. The color code sensor tests the desiccant bag and controls the length of the bag, and then clamps the bag in the bottle. 

The bottle conveying system conveys the bottles with desiccant to the next device. At the same time, the bottles waiting to be filled will be replenished to the filling position of the desiccant bag.


Production capacity

50~120 bottles per minute

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz

Applicable bottle type

round, oval, square, flat square bottles





Overall dimension





01. Strong compatibility, suitable for all kinds of round, oval, square, flat and square bottles.

02. Adopt the placement type desiccant design to avoid uneven bag transfer and ensure the accuracy of bag length control.

03. The dehumidification bag adopts a thick and adaptable design, which prevents the bag from tearing during the transfer process

04. Various monitoring alarm control functions such as no bottle not working, fault self-checking, drying bag entering the bottle, etc., to ensure the continuity of equipment operation and the accuracy of drying bag entering

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