Desiccant Insert Machine Shearing Accuracy

Desiccant Insert Machine Shearing Accuracy

Characteristics 1.The compatibility is strong, suitable for all kinds of specifications, all kinds of round, oval, square, flat, square bottles. 2.color standard, colorless standard disc packaged desiccant bags 3.adopting put desiccant with design, avoid uneven bags transfer, ensure the accuracy...


1. Strong compatibility, suitable for various specifications, round, oval, square, flat, square bottles. 2. Colored standard and colorless standard disc packaging desiccant bag. 3. The design of placing desiccant avoids uneven transfer of the bag and ensures the accuracy of bag length control. 4. The desiccant bag adopts a thick and adaptable design to avoid bag damage during the transfer process. 5. Accurate and reliable durable blade, high shear force, will not cut the desiccant bag. 6. There are multiple monitoring and alarm control functions such as no bottle not working, fault self-checking, dehumidification bag entering the bottle, etc., to ensure the continuity of equipment operation and the accuracy of the dehumidification bag. 7. Fully automatic operation, no diffusion from top to bottom, intelligent process and good coordination, requiring personnel to save personnel. 8. The photoelectric sensor produced in Taiwan is stable and durable.



Applicable bottle type

round, oval, square, flat square bottles

Desiccant bag

disk desiccant bag, size according to the bottle size

Production capacity

50~120 bottles per minute

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz 0.5kw

Air pressure


Overall dimension





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