High Speed Plug Desiccant Machine

High Speed Plug Desiccant Machine

description high speed plug desiccant machine is the entire transmission is relatively simple, and equipped with free bottle down with a bottle of boot devices, and non-desiccant or desiccant blockage alarm and other safety devices. This machine is electromechanical integration equipment, easy...


The entire transmission device of the high-speed plug dehumidifier is relatively simple, and is equipped with a guide device with a free bottle drop device with a bottle, and safety devices such as a non-desiccant or desiccant block alarm. This machine is a mechatronics device with easy operation, simple maintenance and stable operation. Man-machine interface touch screen and PLC control system for operation, with counting, display and other functions. Using pneumatic clamping mechanism to stop position, the bottle is smooth and accurate. It also has an automatic safety protection device, automatic identification and control of the operation of the equipment with and without bottles.


Machine Model

Desiccant insert machine

Max. capacity

Max. 120Bottle/Min

Size of Container



220V , Single Phase, 50Hz/110V , Single Phase, 60Hz



Overall Dimension




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