Bottle Filling Desiccant Machine

Bottle Filling Desiccant Machine

description The block bottle air cylinder on the passing bottle-track of the conveying bottle system make the bottles which came from the previous equipment stay in the drying agent filling position,waiting to be filled in the drying agent.The bottle mouth faces to the clipping system...


The bottle conveying system of the bottling desiccant machine keeps the bottle of the original equipment in the desiccant filling position by blocking the bottle barrel on the bottle mark, waiting to be filled into the desiccant. 

The bottle faces the cutting system correctly. The stepper motor drives the bag feeding system to pull the desiccant bag from the desiccant plate. The color mark sensor detects the desiccant bag, controls the length of the desiccant bag, and then clamps it into the bottle. 

The conveyor belt of the bottle conveyor system can transport the bottles with desiccant to the bottle to the next device. At the same time it will wait for the filling of the bottle to fill the position of the desiccant.


Inserting Speed

50-60 bottles/minute

Diameter of container


Height of container



520×420×1750mm ( L×W×H )



Gas supply

4-5kg/cm² 150L/min

Electrical Requirements

500W, 220v, 50-60HZ(Optional)

Working direction

Left → Right or Right → Left (Optional)


1.Insertion speed up to 60cpm per minute

2.Heavy construction

3.Guillotine tearing device

4.PLC and HMI control

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