Fully Automatic Electric Bottle Capping Machine

Fully Automatic Electric Bottle Capping Machine

description automatic rubbing type plastic bottle capping machine is researched and developed by our company with years of experience.It is combined with automatic cap arranging, covering and screwing, features high speed, high efficiency, reliable and stable performance. and the cap arranging...


The automatic cap grinding plastic bottle cap machine is our company's many years of research and development experience. It combines the characteristics of automatic capping, covering, and screwing. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high efficiency, stable and reliable performance. The bottle cap sorting device is equipped with an automatic control system. The capless switch is turned on and the full cap switch is off. The applicable bottle shapes are round and square. Oval and special shapes, etc. The adaptability is strong, only some simple adjustments are needed when changing different sizes of bottle caps, and the operation is convenient. It is an ideal high-speed tightening equipment.

It is widely used in food, beverage, spice, medicine, health care and other industries.

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine






Screw cap diameter

φ5-28mm φ8-50mm



Air pressure

0.6 Mpa compressed air

Bottle diameter


Bottle height




Capping error


Capping feeding type



1) It is a full automatic capper with advanced intelligent control. Easy to operate. 

2) Equipped with a cover supplying device. Covers are separated, delivered and capped on the bottles. 

3) Safety operation. Machine can stop automatically when it is abnormally running. 

4) Widely used in cosmetic, medical, chemical, drinks, drink and food industry etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality. 

5) Used stainless steel of 304 with main body. No rusting. 

6) Good appearance, and can be operated along or used in production line.

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

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