Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine

LTY-1 Series Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine with Isolator System Product description The sterility testing isolator is equipped with an unidirectional air flow for both chambers with positive pressure with respect to the lab environment. The system is designed to take air from a Class D...

Product description

The sterility test isolator is equipped with one-way airflow for the two chambers, which can provide a positive amount on request.

The pressure chamber and inlet/outlet filters are continuously monitored.

All observation panels are made of 12mm tempered glass and can be laminated with a safety film on the outside.

The operator sits on a pre-set adjustable ergonomic stool, which is equipped with isolator pressure associated with the laboratory environment. The system is designed to draw air from a Class D laboratory or HVAC system.

HEPA (H14) single downflow filter and return oil filter.

Inlet pre-filtration

Rigid Sterility Isolator MachineRigid Sterility Isolator Machine

main parameter



Power Supply

AC220-380V 50HZ

Inner Size


Airflow Direction

Laminar flow

Temperature Accuracy




Max.Power consumption


Chamber Pressure Range

From -80Pa to +80Pa

RH Accuracy


Pressure Accuracy


Touch Screen Size

Siemens 7”


Sterility test, sampling, weighting, dispense for toxic and high sensitized drugs

Chamber Integrity

Comply with ENISO 14644-7

main features

The sterility test isolator has fewer space constraints than a clean room and is easy to use and verify.

The sterility test isolator is designed to provide a sterile environment for sterility testing. It can reduce the risk of false positive results, thereby avoiding expensive investigations and possible batch losses.

Due to the excellent process design, false negatives can also be avoided.

It saves the time and cost of new drug development.

Protect operators and the environment.

Made of stainless steel and tempered glass.

Laminar vertical airflow creates the environment

Built-in VHPS generator for biological purification

Siemens PLC control with pressure loss alarm

IT can be combined with the pass box

Scheduled CIP connection water/air spray gun

Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine

Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine

Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine

Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine

Rigid Sterility Isolator Machine

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