Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule Filling Line

This Washing Sterilization Filling Production Line is used for clean room production set up for sterile liquid in injection glass vials, design byWashing,Sterlization, filling, rubber stoppering and alum crimping station, Servo Peristaltic Inline Liquid Filling Machine for sterile and precise dispensing, an operational work with washing machine, sterilizing and drying tunnel, labeling machine in one stop.

The cleaning and disinfection filling production line is used for clean room production, used for injecting sterile liquid in glass bottles. It is designed by cleaning, sterilizing, filling, rubber stopper and alum crimping station, and servo peristaltic pipeline type liquid filling machine. 

For aseptic and precise distribution, it can be used in one-stop operation with washing machine, disinfection and drying channel, and labeling machine.

Ampoule Filling Line



Specification (ml)


Output (Pieces/min)

5ml 200-220pcs/min
     10ml 175-180pcs/min

Power (Kw)



Pipe gas(m³/h)


LPG (kg/h)


Consumption of oxygen (Kg/h)


External dimensions (mm)


Weight (Kg)


Power supply

220V 50Hz

Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule Filling Line

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