What should I do if Solid Preparation Equipment fails?

Date:Jun 28, 2019

The processing capacity of Solid Preparation Equipment should be controlled within the appropriate range, combined with the flow rate of the sludge, the flow rate of the flocculant and the difference degree to avoid the sudden increase of the load, causing the equipment overload to cause frequent fluctuations of the system and affect the treatment effect. At the same time, achieve relatively large equipment processing efficiency;

The dehydration effect of Solid Preparation Equipment is often checked. If the separation liquid appears turbid, the rate of return of solids decreases. It is necessary to analyze the cause in time and take countermeasures to solve it.

The dewatering effect of the sludge is often observed. If the solid content of the mud cake is reduced, the situation should be analyzed and then the measures should be taken to solve the problem.

Regularly observe the operation status of the sludge Solid Preparation Equipment, and take corrective measures to ensure normal operation for abnormal phenomena.

The Solid Preparation Equipment should be adequately flushed every day. When the Solid Preparation Equipment is shut down, the inside and the body of the machine are rinsed clean to ensure cleanliness and no odor. It is very difficult to rinse after the mud is dry.

According to the requirements of Solid Preparation Equipment, observation and maintenance of the machine should be done frequently.

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