What is the control core of a high viscosity liquid filling machine

Date:Dec 11, 2020

What is the control core of a high viscosity liquid filling machine?

The high-viscosity liquid filling machine is a quantitative automatic filling and stoppering machine. The design adopts a pneumatic-based linear motion mode, and the container is stopped by using a programmable controller (PLC) and various detection sensing devices and cylinders. In the filling position, after the filling is completed, the filled container is released, and the unfilled container is transported to the filling position, and the action is repeated to achieve the effect of automatic filling and stoppering.

The high-viscosity liquid filling machine has a simpler and more reasonable structure, higher accuracy and easier operation. This liquid filling machine has a choice of double-head and single-head, and the double-head filling speed is twice that of a single head. The high-viscosity liquid filling machine has reasonable design, small size and convenient operation. The pneumatic parts adopt the pneumatic components of German FESTO and AirTac and SHAKO. The material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel and meet GMP requirements. The filling amount adjustment handle and the filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the filling precision is high. Filling bulkheads are equipped with anti-drip, anti-drawing and lifting filling devices. This series of filling machines are divided into single-head, double-head and explosion-proof models.

The high viscosity liquid filling machine has the following characteristics:

* Linear design for easy connection to other machines.

* With programmable controller (PLC) + touch screen (PT) as the control core, high reliability.

* The block type peristaltic pump structure does not require any tools when replacing the silicone tube.

* Directly input the microcomputer into the digital unit to control the filling amount of the machine.

High-viscosity liquid filling machine adopts man-machine interface to directly set filling quantity; PLC program control, frequency converter speed linear filling; high-precision volumetric flowmeter, accurate and reliable quantitative; mechanical seal plus vacuum suction double protection Drip; fast and slow double flow rate high-efficiency filling; frequency conversion speed conveyor belt 8 meters, automatic induction type capping machine; beautiful appearance, high filling accuracy, convenient adjustment, easy operation. It has the advantages of anti-drip, anti-pollution, high efficiency and high intelligence.

High-viscosity liquid filling machine is aimed at the high-viscosity liquid filling industry. Through the actual investigation of many brands of high-viscosity liquid filling machines on the market, it overcomes the shortcomings of traditional high-viscosity liquid filling machines and develops new models. The high-viscosity liquid filling machine is mainly embodied in the principle that the weighing filling principle is not affected by the liquid bubble and the distribution ratio change, the filling precision is high, no residual liquid overflows, and the machine contacts the liquid part, and the anti-rust material inlet port is used to configure the fine filter. Ensure the quality of each barrel of high viscosity liquid.

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