What details should be paid attention to when the liquid filling machine is unpacked after arrival?

Date:Dec 25, 2020

1. Generally, sweep the dust on the top of the package to see the packaging structure of the top plate. Remove the top plate and then remove the other one. If it is inconvenient to remove the top plate, you can remove a few box plates in the appropriate parts and then check the structure of the liquid filling machine and the packing box in the box, and use the appropriate method to unpack the box.


2. Choose a favorable unpacking location: Try to choose a location close to the installation location, and check the surrounding environment to prevent the liquid pipe equipment and staff around the box from falling. Common tools for unpacking include nail remover and crowbar. For precision liquid filling machines or parts, do not use a sledgehammer to knock the box to avoid affecting the accuracy of the liquid filling machine and parts. Shields, except for the parts to be inspected, should not be removed and cleaned up prematurely. When it is necessary to move the part of the liquid filling machine that can be rotated and slid, the package must be removed and the protective grease cleaned, then greased according to technical requirements, and then rotated or slid.


3. After the liquid filling machine is unpacked, the body of the liquid filling equipment, parts and accessories and accessories that cannot be installed immediately shall be stored and stored. Pay attention to the storage location and storage method. Generally, it should be stacked according to the structural type, material performance characteristics and surface finish of the parts and accessories of the liquid filling machine. The length of storage and weather conditions should also be considered. The storage location must be free from dust, sand and corrosive gases. When the protective grease of the liquid filling machine has deteriorated, the protective grease should be reapplied. When the liquid filling machine is placed, it should be grounded and padded with square wood or other mats to ensure a certain height from the ground to prevent the liquid filling machine from being rusted, deformed and damp. Precision objects and delicate and fragile items should be kept in the original packaging when they are kept. If there are too many equipment, parts and accessories in storage, they should be registered, booked, and numbered to avoid confusion and loss. Parts and accessories or special tools that are not required for installation shall be handed over to Party A for custody during inventory inspection, and records shall be signed by the recipient.

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