Three Labeling Methods Of Labeling Machine

Date:Jan 18, 2021

Labeling machines are playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry. There are many types of labeling machines on the market, but they are inseparable. The labeling methods of labeling machines mainly include rubbing, blowing, and suction. Three methods. These three labeling methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    1. The working principle of the rubbing method: When the front edge of the label of the labeling machine is pasted on the product, the product will immediately take the label away. The advantage of this method is that the labeling speed is fast, and the labeling accuracy depends on the speed of the product passing through the labeling machine and the speed of label distribution. If the two speeds are the same, the labeling accuracy is high. Otherwise, the labeling machine accuracy will be affected. influences.

  2. The working principle of the suction method: When the label paper of the labeling machine leaves the conveyor belt, it is sucked onto the vacuum pad, which is connected to the end of a mechanical device. When the mechanical device stretches until the label is in contact with the product, it shrinks back and the label is attached to the product. The advantage of this method is that it has high accuracy and is suitable for the labeling process of highly difficult packaging products; the disadvantage is that the labeling speed is slow and the labeling quality is not good.

3. The working principle of the blowing method: It has been improved on the basis of the suction method. The difference is that the surface of the vacuum pad remains stationary, and the label is fixed and positioned on a "vacuum grid". The "vacuum grid" is a plane on which There are hundreds of small holes. Small holes are used to maintain the formation of "air jets". From these "air jets", a stream of compressed air is blown out, and the pressure is very strong, which moves the label on the vacuum grid and allows it to be attached to the product. The advantage of this method is higher accuracy and reliability; the disadvantage is that the process is complicated.

   The comparison of the three labeling methods found that the rubbing method can greatly improve the working speed of the labeling machine, which is in line with the development trend of pursuing high efficiency.

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