The filling form of the eye drop filling machine is unique

Date:Nov 22, 2020

The eye drops filling machine is composed of filling, upper inner plug, pressure inner plug, upper outer cover, screw outer cover and PLC control. The machine is driven by a cam with accurate positioning and stable transmission. PLC automatically controls the entire process of feeding, pressing the inner plug and screwing the cap. It can be equipped with a fully automatic injection molding machine, which can directly enter the filling system from the bottle blowing to prevent cross-infection. The whole process is completed under aseptic conditions, without bottle washing and drying. The eye drop filling machine is suitable for filling and filling small doses of preparations, such as eye drops, iodine and wind oil.

The eye drop filling machine is suitable for various small-caliber plastic bottles (round flat plastic bottles or glass eye drop bottles) of 2-30ML. The machine is provided by a high-precision cam indexing mechanism to provide indexing and uniform positioning Upper cover; acceleration cam driver can lift the gland head; constant torque upper limit; peristaltic pump metering and filling; touch screen control. No bottle filled, no inner plug, no outer cap. Accurate positioning, stable transmission, cap protection, accurate measurement, simple operation, etc.

Features of eye drops filling machine:

1. Microcomputer setting, accurate loading and convenient operation.

2. The filling system adopts ceramic pump for filling with no dripping precision.

3. The eye drops filling machine adopts a vacuum suction plug, which automatically opens the inner plug and presses the outer shell.

4. Automatic stop function, it can stop automatically when there is no filler or internal plug on any track.

5. It can be used with vacuum degasser, automatic bottle unscrambler and other equipment.

The eye drop filling machine has the characteristics of simple operation, one-time sealing, large quantity, automatic temperature control (adjustable), and convenient maintenance. It can be filled with eye drops, eye drops, Kailulu, Fengshen and other products. The eye drops filling production line has novel design, high filling precision and unique filling form. Single-needle quantitative injection, no air bubbles, and long product shelf life. The automatic sorting rate of the filling bottle feeding device and the bottle cap device is high, and the automatic no filling device without bottle is safe and reliable.

The eye drop filling machine can automatically complete the filling and plugging process, and is suitable for various liquid materials, such as eye drops, eye drops, aerosols, drug sprays, syrups, wine, etc. Various round and special-shaped bottles, rotary filling (rolling) caps, used for nozzles of various sizes. The eye drop filling machine has the functions of bottleless filling, bottleless and plug-free, and can be used alone or in combination.

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