The Development History Of The Labeling Machine And Its Great Advantages

Date:Jan 25, 2021

In the past few decades, the labeling machine has occupied an important share of the market. Although the cost of the labeling machine is higher than that of specific humidity glue and winding labels in comprehensive applications, it is not as shrinking as the winding shrinkage. Adhesive labels, the comprehensive cost of label shrink sleeves of labeling machines is significantly lower, so label stickers have replaced other different labeling technology or process characteristics, mainly due to the self-adhesive label materials, such as diversification, non-drying Adhesive label material self-adhesive sticker appearance and more competition and comprehensive application cost.

     In the development of the market, the labeling machine will inevitably have to accept various challenges, such as the challenges of its label pasting technology and the challenges of raw materials. Nowadays, surround labels are making a comeback again, appearing in the market with a new concept of no need for bottom paper, which can be paper or film; and shrink sleeve labeling also occupies a significant market because of its good-looking packaging and full coverage film. Share. In the context of fierce competition between different labeling processes, the labeling machine has finally achieved faster development by virtue of its advantages in cost control, continuous innovation in raw material selection, and the launch of tailor-made solutions for high-end applications.

  The labeling machine has many advantages. For example, it is fully automated and does not require too much manpower to operate. It also saves a large part of the cost for the majority of users.

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