The basic configuration of Solid Preparation Equipment.

Date:Jun 29, 2019

With the upgrading of environmental protection policies and the importance of sludge treatment and disposal, it is particularly important to build Solid Preparation Equipment with independent sludge dewatering functions, whether it is large or medium-sized sewage treatment plants or industrial enterprises. So what configuration does Solid Preparation Equipment need?

Solid Preparation Equipment generally consists of sludge dewatering room, sludge storage, and distribution control room. The layout of sludge dewatering room is mainly related to the area of sludge dewatering equipment and sludge dewatering process. The common sludge dewatering room is equipped with sludge flocculation device, sludge concentration tank, dosing pump and sludge feed pump. , sludge dewatering equipment, screw conveyor (the sludge cake after deep dewatering is formed into a block by a screw conveyor).

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