Sleeve labeling machine

Date:Apr 07, 2021

Sleeve labeling machine is one of the equipment with higher technical content in the back-end packaging. Its excellent high-speed stability, unique dexterous design, and safety mode of human-machine coordination have been fully affirmed by customers. Application areas: food, beverages And the pharmaceutical industry, condiments, juices, injection needles, milk, refined oils, etc.


1. Suitable for various bottle types of juice, tea beverage, dairy products, purified water, condiments, beer, sports drinks and other food and beverage industries. Not only does the sleeve label position have high accuracy, but it also highlights the bottle shape after shrinking. .

2. Highly stable mechanical structure: The whole machine adopts stainless steel protective frame cover and aluminum alloy rigid frame, which is stable and does not rust.

3. Flexible choice of multiple bottle types: round bottles, square bottles, oval bottles, etc. can be set, and the mouth or body of the bottle can also be selected.

4. Unique synchronous cutter seat, within the specification range, no need to change the cutter seat. If you need to change the specifications, it can be completed quickly in 5 minutes.

5. Wide range of application: suitable for all kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles, PVC, PET, PS, iron cans and other containers such as food, beverages, cleaning supplies, medicines, wine bottles, etc.

6. High-quality positioning accuracy: Fully mechanical transmission design, using forced sleeve labeling, all kinds of film materials above 0.030MM film thickness are applicable, the inner diameter of the film material can be adjusted in the range of 5-10.

7. Low maintenance cost of consumables: This machine adopts low-cost disposable blades, which are easy to replace and low cost burden.

8. Reliable after-sales service: There are spare parts in the warehouse of various parts of the machine, which can be provided at any time, and experienced engineers provide technical support for you.

9. The shape is exquisite and beautiful, the overall structure is strong, and it is lighter and more flexible in use.

10. Exclusively designed reciprocating cutter, adopting rigid body combination of mechanism, smooth movement, and double the tool life.

11. Simple center pillar positioning, easy to change specifications, convenient for operators to use, easy to understand and easy to learn, and completely avoid users' troubles.

12. Leading the industry with a new structural design and a more solid quality, which is by no means comparable to existing domestic products.

13. The structural components of this machine are simple and generous, which can ensure low failure rate and simple maintenance.

14. The full range of safety main body safety protection frames are actually thoughtful design.

Debugging method

1. Start to adjust the feeding mechanism of the disk, put in the sample, and adjust the height of the arranging rod so that it can block the sample without rubbing the surface of the turntable.

2. In the docking conveying mechanism

(1) First connect with the feeding mechanism and conveying of the tray.

(2) Put the sample in, adjust the guardrails at both ends, and then adjust the spacing between the two sides of the outlet and the upper limit sheet metal. The sample can pass normally, but it can be stuck at the exit (can be hooked out by the conveying jig).

(3) Adjust the position of the electric eye, the electric eye at the upper end of the outlet should be adjusted to the out point, so that the docking conveying can be opened all the time, so that the samples can be hooked out by the fixture one by one.

3. Labeling agency.

(1) First set the conveying speed (set in the servo drive in the electric box).

(2) Adjust the position of the radio eye so that the first fixture is aligned with the vacuum chuck at the upper end.

(3) By adjusting the position of the fixture and the position of the vacuum suction cylinder. Within the error range, 9 groups of fixtures (8 in each group) can be aligned with the vacuum plate (8) (for details, please consult Gao Zhen),

(4) Adjust the position of the long cylinder, and adjust the position of the fixture, so that 8 vacuum suction cups can be placed in the fixture (within the error range).

(5) Adjust the air valve of the cylinder to ensure that the 8 suction cups move up and down neatly at the same speed at the same time. The vibration of far and near movement will not be too large.

4. Electric box mechanism (sleeve labeling machine)

(1) When placing the film, the film should be aligned with the center column, and at the same time, adjust the position of the electric eye next to it so that it can pull the film normally.

(2) The center column should be clamped by the lifting mechanism and the sleeve labeling mechanism at the same time, so as to achieve three points (clamping intersection) one line.

(3) Adjust the position of the electric eye of the distance of the cutter head, so that the sleeve labeling mechanism and the center column can just put the film on the fixture. The fixture will not touch the above mechanism

5. The outlet of the hair dryer should be inclined.

6. The position of the photographing mechanism should be adjusted so that the label film can be properly pressed in place.

7. The temperature of the electric heat shrinking furnace mechanism should be adjusted to shrink the film until it does not wrinkle. The adjustment temperature depends on the material of the film.

Finally, run and debug as a whole at the start. Mainly to adjust the continuity of body operation, and the labeling of each set of fixtures. If some groups of jigs are not aligned with the samples, adjust the position of the jigs first, and adjust the fine-tuning jigs if it fails.

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