Preliminary Packaging Equipmen's specific design process

Date:Jun 04, 2019

1) Preliminary Packaging Equipmen is available in a variety of feeding devices. The feeding is continuous and stable, and there is no bridging in the middle of the process.

2) Preliminary Packaging Equipmen has a special cooling device at the bottom to prevent the material from deteriorating in the high temperature zone at the bottom.

3) Preliminary Packaging Equipmen's special air pressure seals and bearing cooling devices effectively extend the service life of the transmission.

4) Preliminary Packaging Equipmen's special air distribution unit reduces the resistance of the equipment and effectively provides the treatment air volume of the dryer.

5) Preliminary Packaging The Equipmen drying chamber is equipped with a grading ring and a swirling sheet. The material fineness and final moisture are adjustable.

6) Preliminary Packaging Equipmen Compared to other drying methods, the SXG series of fast spinning Preliminary Packaging Equipmen can effectively increase the specific gravity of the material.

7) Preliminary Packaging Equipmen's drying chamber has high circumferential gas velocity and short material residence time, which effectively prevents the material from sticking to the barriers and the deterioration of heat sensitive materials, achieving high efficiency, fast, small equipment and large production.

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