Labeling Machine Failure Solution

Date:Nov 25, 2020

Packaging machinery products, like other organisms, have their own lifespan. The length of life depends on whether the user knows how to use and maintain the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some common packaging machinery failure knowledge:

    1. Residual label paper on the target plate. Adjust the position of the clamp finger. The glue transition is too large. Adjust the glue temperature. Less glue on the left side of the mark will cause the mark paper to lift. Adjust the position of the mark.

    2. The labeling paper is skewed. According to the position of the label paper on the target plate, adjust the height of the label box on the left and right.

    3. The labeling paper is wrinkled and uneven. Adjust the thickness of the rubber film on the rubber roller.

    4. Curled corners and flash edges of labeling paper. The glue of the target plate is not evenly taken, adjust the position of the target plate to make the glue take evenly

    5. The machine stops suddenly during operation. Whether there is a bomb bottle to explode the protective door, just close the protective door, whether there is no wine in the front chain path or the back chain is blocked, and whether there is a bottle of wine in the labeling machine, take it out.

    6. Throw the bottle during operation when applying the top label. Check whether the high and low position of the bottle pressing head is appropriate, adjust its position, check whether the ball in the bottle pressing head is missing, which causes the bottle to rotate inflexibly, just replace it, check if the backing plate behind the bottle at the label delivery position of the rotating hub is in place, adjust it .

    7. The mark paper is damaged or the top is not correct after the top mark indenter. Replace the sponge pad and rubber spring pad in the indenter device.

    8. Poor cosmetic effect. Check the position of the belt, adjust it to the proper position, if the cosmetic spray nozzle is blocked, just clean it.

    9. The coding is not clear and the position is not centered. Check whether there are foreign objects or water droplets on the bottle cap, adjust the position of the blowing pipe, check whether the nozzle is clean, flush the nozzle, and adjust the position of the nozzle so that the code is centered.

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