Introduction to the principle of Outer Packaging Machine

Date:Jun 17, 2019

Outer Packaging Machine has simple structure, convenient operation, long service life, stable and reliable performance, low steam consumption, strong applicable performance and good product quality. The vacuum dryer is especially suitable for high temperature, flammable and temperature-controlled. The drying of the oxidized paste material, Outer Packaging Machine proved to be a good drying equipment by users for a long time.

Outer Packaging Machine principle: the material to be dried is added from the upper part of the upper part of the casing. Under the stirring of the teeth rotating continuously, the material axially moves back and forth, and the surface in contact with the inner wall of the casing is continuously updated, and is indirectly heated by steam. Outer Packaging Machine's molars are evenly stirred, and the pulverized rod is pulverized to make the surface moisture of the material more favorable. The vaporized water is vented from the outlet of the vacuum pump through the dry dust collector, wet dust collector and condenser.

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