Application field of atmospheric pressure filling machine

Date:Nov 13, 2020

The atmospheric pressure filling machine can fill any liquid with good fluidity, such as non-gas drinks, alcohol pesticides, mineral oil and daily chemical products. Since the atmospheric pressure tidal machine can be heated and heated, products with a viscosity of less than 0.5 Pa-s are also commonly used for packaging, but the filling speed is reduced.

      The atmospheric pressure filling machine can adapt to various packaging containers such as glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, plastic bags and metal barrels, and containers of various shapes and sizes. The products can be linear (special packaging containers or large-volume packaging), or they can be Rotary.

      Atmospheric filling machines are generally divided into filling and sealing "two in one" type, such as filling and capping machine for glass bottles, filling and screwing caps for PET bottles and filling and capping machines. The 5gal (18.9L) vat atmospheric pressure filling machine for water dispensers is a three-in-one type, step-type linear filling for rinsing, filling and sealing.

      Some packages of atmospheric pressure filling are a filling machine with a sealing machine that is compatible with the sealing method. For example, a wide-mouth bottle needs to be equipped with a three (four) capping and capping machine; a metal three-piece cans needs to be equipped with a sealing machine. Most of the cans are packed with juice drinks. The root process requires a sterilization problem. If it is hot filling, the sealing machine adds a nitrogen filling device; if it is cold-packed and sterilized after sealing, the sealing machine is required to have a vacuum function.

      In addition to the high technical content of the weighing type atmospheric pressure filling machine and the cumbersome adjustment, the structure of other types of atmospheric pressure filling machines is very simple, and generally there will be no mechanical failure or poor filling effect.

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