Injectable Eqiupment Wastewater Treatment Process Description

Date:Jun 16, 2019

Injectable Eqiupment sewage enters the regulating tank through the grid and enters the bioreactor through the lift pump. The aerator is activated by the PLC controller to oxygenate. The bioreactor effluent enters the membrane separation processing unit through the circulation pump, and the concentrated water returns to the conditioning tank. The water is chlorinated (sodium hypochlorite, bleaching powder, chlorine tablets) by rapid mixing, and then enters the water storage tank. The Injectable Eqiupment backwash pump uses the treated water in the wash tank to backwash the membrane treatment equipment and backflush the wastewater back to the conditioning tank. Injectable Eqiupment controls the opening and closing of the lift pump through the water level in the bioreactor. The filtering and backwashing operations of the Injectable Eqiupment membrane unit can be controlled automatically or manually. Injectable Eqiupment When the membrane unit requires chemical cleaning operation, close the inlet valve and the sewage circulation valve, open the drug wash valve and the reagent circulation valve, start the liquid circulation pump, and perform chemical cleaning operation.

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