Injectable Eqiupment knowledge and technology of drying technology.

Date:Jun 07, 2019

Injectable Eqiupment technology has a wide range of services. Injectable Eqiupment technology is a cross-industry, interdisciplinary, and experimental science-based technology in the face of numerous industry, physical and chemical properties, product quality and other diverse requirements.

In general, three aspects of knowledge and technology are required in the development and application of Injectable Eqiupment drying technology. The first is to understand the physical and chemical properties of the material being dried and the characteristics of the product. The second is to be familiar with the principles of transfer engineering, namely the principles of energy transfer such as mass transfer, heat transfer, fluid mechanics and aerodynamics. Third, there must be means of implementation, that is, engineering design for drying processes, main equipment, and electrical instrument control. Obviously, these three aspects of knowledge and technology do not belong to a subject area. In practice, these three aspects of knowledge and technology are indispensable. So Injectable Eqiupment drying technology is a cross-industry, interdisciplinary technology.

Although the modern Injectable Eqiupment technology has a history of more than 100 years, it still belongs to the field of experimental science. Most Injectable Eqiupment technologies currently lack scientific theories and design methods that accurately guide practice. In practical applications, relying on empirical and small-scale trial data to guide or the main way.

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