Injectable Eqiupment adjustment steps

Date:Jun 25, 2019

The adjustment of the Injectable Eqiupment is based on the direction of rotation of the cylinder, and the center line of the adjustment roller of the Injectable Eqiupment takes the tilting of the supporting wheel in a certain direction, and forms a slight declination with the center line of the cylinder to generate a spiral upward thrust, so that The bottom and bottom of the cylinder are basically balanced, so that the simplified body runs in a relatively stable position, that is, the belt is free to reciprocate between the upper and lower retaining wheels.

The adjustment procedure of the Injectable Eqiupment is as follows: When the simplified body moves downward, the adjusting bolt 2 is tightened once, the bolt 1 is retracted once, and the simplified body will stop moving downward; if it is moved upwards, the liquid lubrication is applied to the supporting roller. Oil, at this time, the simplified body will stop moving upwards. If it is still moving up, tighten the bolt 1 and loosen the bolt 2, and the simplified body will stop moving upwards; if it is moved down, the lubricating sleeve on the supporting roller should be removed. When the above method is repeated, it does not move. During the adjustment of the Injectable Eqiupment, the roller is prevented from tilting in different directions.

In the adjustment process of Injectable Eqiupment, in order to move the cylinder up, it is better to pour some lubricating oil on the surface of the roller to increase the surface friction; otherwise, to make the cylinder slide down, it can pour some thick grease, reduce Surface friction. The adjustment of the Injectable Eqiupment is to adjust the four rollers of the Injectable Eqiupment at the same time, and to ensure that the wheel and the roller are not less than 50% of the contact surface.

The effect of the use of the Injectable Eqiupment adjustment greatly reduces the force on the retaining wheel, thereby improving the bearing life of the bracket and the retaining wheel, reducing the production cost and improving the production efficiency. At the same time, the profiled wear of the roller and the wheel belt is reduced, and the service life of the device is improved.

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