How to repair common faults of liquid filling machine

Date:Dec 27, 2020

The general liquid filling machine is faulty as follows

 1. The crank cannot be rotated normally after starting the machine. Fault: A: The upper fixed rod is down, and the inner and outer tubes are firmly pressed when the syringe is pushed, so that the crank cannot be rotated. The nut 1 should be loosened and the upper rod should be moved up to the appropriate position. Tighten the nut. B: When the syringe is assembled, the inner and outer tubes are not cleaned and stuck, and the syringe needs to be removed for cleaning. C: The end of the injection system is installed in the bearing part. Make it not work properly and must be reloaded.

 2, the injection is not uniform, the end of the joint is tight, there is a gas leakage phenomenon, you need to tighten further.

 3. The machine rotates normally, but no liquid is discharged. Fault: A: There is foreign matter in the valve to be cleaned; B: The upper and lower thimbles in the valve are placed incorrectly. (The two thimbles are all pointed downwards and must not be reversed). C: 100, 500ml type If there is liquid leakage at the lower end of the piston, the cylinder should be disassembled to replace the random seal. Note: The sealing ring uses φ65×3.1 acid and alkali resistant sealing ring.

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