Bottle unscrambler operation method

Date:Mar 12, 2021

With the increasingly fierce competition in the manufacturing and production of plastic bottles in the food and pharmaceutical industries, the bottle unscrambler has increasingly become a solid backing for the food and pharmaceutical plastic bottle market, so how does it work? We will introduce the work process and personnel operation specifications of the bottle unscrambler

The working process of the bottle unscrambler is generally: manually put the materials into the storage bottle library, the material in the storage bottle library will be automatically quantified and fed to the turntable at the set speed. The turntable rotates at a high speed to supply the bottles as required. The wheel removes irregular bottles, and the bottle separating part sends the bottles from the turntable to the bottle unscramble part at a certain speed. The bottle unscramble part is conveyed to the working surface of the conveyor by clamping the bottles on both sides of the conveyor belt, and at the same time sorting out the bottle specifications through the bottle turning device; the electronic control system performs real-time monitoring and feedback through the sensors of each part to realize fully automated operation Requirements, and save a lot of labor costs and avoid losses caused by human error factors.

In order to ensure the normal and safe operation of the equipment, there are special operating procedures established for it, and operators and equipment management personnel shall perform standardized operations in accordance with this procedure. This safe operation specification is commonly used in bottle unscramblers, mixers, high-speed automatic bottle unscramblers, etc.

The operation of the unscrambler includes two steps, preparation work and formal operation.

In the preparation work, the inspection needs to be divided into four steps:

1. First, check the equipment in good condition, clean and valid status identification and equipment operation records on shifts. If the inspection finds that the expiry date of the cleaning has expired, the equipment shall be further cleaned according to the equipment cleaning operation rules and the equipment status identification shall be filled in.

2. Check the bottle warehouse and the bottle unscrambled flower plate to confirm that no foreign matter exists, and turn the bottle plate and the unscrambled flower plate to confirm that it can work normally.

3. Turn on the power switch and check the touch screen and three photoelectric switches. If both are energized, the touch screen displays a bottle-missing alarm; when the battery is blocked by hand, the screen displays a bottle-clogging alarm, then the two photoelectric switches are in normal state.

4. Turn on the compressed air, use the bottom of the bottle to shake under the electric eye at the bottle derailleur, and the compressed air will spray out, and the equipment can start normally.

After ensuring that all parts of the machine can work normally, it can enter the formal operation, which is divided into five steps:

1. Click the host start and lift start on the touch screen to observe whether the bottle unscrambler has abnormal noises when it is running.

2. After the device is turned on for the first time to confirm that there is no abnormal condition, stop the device, put the qualified infusion bottle upright in the bottle feeding bracket, and start the device again. The bottle will pass through the rotating turntable of the device and enter the conveyor belt to start the bottle unscramble operation.

3. When starting up, run at low speed first, and then adjust the lifting speed and unscramble bottle speed according to the actual production, so that the equipment speed can match the actual production speed. To prevent such phenomena from happening. If such a phenomenon occurs, stop the machine immediately to eliminate the fault before it can continue to run.

4. During the operation of the equipment, the bottles should be put in continuously, and observe whether there are phenomena such as pouring, jamming, broken bottles, etc. If any, stop the machine immediately and start the production after troubleshooting.

5. After the production is over, stop the equipment, turn off the power, and clear the remaining materials out of the equipment.

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