Analysis of common failures of cartoning machines

Date:Mar 22, 2021

1) Stop or stop between conveyor belts:

   1. Intermittently shut down to check whether there is material shortage, and automatically start up after supplement.

   2. Shut down and check whether the power supply including the power supply part, the motor or the governor is normal.

 2) The carton cannot be sucked down:

   1. Whether the paper boxes are arranged neatly.

   2. Whether the paper boxes are pasted together.

   3. Whether the suction head pressure is normal.

 3) After the carton is sucked down, it does not form or pop up at the opening of the box feeding template:

   1. Check whether the carton is too hard.

   2. Check whether the position of the guide rod of the paper box and the box feeding template is not correct.

   3. Check whether the small hook spring at the rear of the box delivery template is deformed.

   4. Check whether the height of the suction head and the box feeding track is correct.

 4) The manual cannot be sucked down:

   1. Whether the instruction manual is deformed, causing the suction head to fail to hold.

   2. Whether the suction head gas is parallel to the instruction manual.

   3. Whether the width of the manual paper is different, the error must be within 1mm. The stacking position of the manual should be adjusted to a difference of 0.5mm from the inner edge when the suction head rises to the highest position.

   4. The movement time of the small paper hook above the suction head of the origami machine is too early. Generally, the small hook should be inserted into the gap between the paper and the paper before the suction head is about to drop. The height of the small hook is adjusted to be 0.5mm away from the suction head when it is in the highest position.

  5) The paper rebounds during the process of sucking down the manual:

   1. The foot-lifting action of the instruction manual is too early, and the instruction manual is taken away by the foot-holding before being pulled down. The position of the supporting foot should be such that it does not touch the sucked manual when it is backed up, and it returns to the highest position when the paper picking notch wheel has not pulled the paper.

   2. Whether the matching speed of the suction head and the paper picking notch wheel is the same. The suction head should be lowered first, and then the front part of the notch wheel of the paper grabbing just presses on the paper.

  6) The manual does not fold well:

   1. Check whether the paper is deformed or bent, and whether it has burrs.

   2. Whether there is any foreign matter in the fence, blocking the paper.

   3. The gap between the opening of the fence and the folding stick is too large, causing the paper to come out.

   4. Whether the gap between the folding sticks is too large to clamp the paper. Adjust the adjusting screws at both ends of the folding stick to reduce the gap. If the folding stick is worn for a long time, it must be replaced.

  7) Uneven folding of the manual:

   1. Check and adjust the front and rear positions of the barriers in the fence to reach the required folding size.

  8) There are rolling and creases after the manual is folded:

   1. Whether the gap between the baffle and the folding stick is too large. Adjust the middle position of the baffle and folding stick.

   2. If the middle position between the baffle and the folding stick has been adjusted, and there is still a large gap, remove the positioning pins on the baffle and re-adjust until the gap does not feed paper.

  9) The manual stuck in the fence board:

   1. Whether the paper feeding gap of the folding stick is too large and the paper feeding is weak. The adjustment method is the same as above.

   2. The installation position of the lower half of the fence is too long than the arc guide plate above it, so that the paper cannot enter the folding stick below. Loosen all the fixing screws on the fence board and adjust the board backward, but it should not be shorter than the upper guide plate, and should be 1-3 mm longer than the guide plate. If it is shorter than the guide plate, the instruction manual may go directly into the lower folding stick without folding.

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